IMG_0800This page gives information about becoming a member. You can download

and print our membership form,      here.

Washington County Bee Association
2013 Member Dues
In order that we can update our records, please give us this information and return this letter
with your check
Name ______________________________
Address ( Street, Town and Zip) ______________________________
Phone Number ______________________________
Email Address ______________________________
Do you want WCBA communications sent to you by:
Email (most cost effective means for the association)
Postal Mail
Do you consent to make your name, address, phone number and email information available
 to other WCBA members (for non-commercial purposes only)?
 _____ Yes
 _____ No
Annual dues:  _____ Individual $10                                _____ Family $15
Amount Enclosed:  _______
Please mail your check made payable to Clint Roule and mail it to:
 Clint Roule Office use only
WCBA Treasurer Member since
168 Hainer Road Member #
Amity, Pa 15311